Технология на сглобяеми къщи

Сглобяеми къщи RICHHOUSE се изграждат с конструктивни изолационни панели, които представляват плоскост от Експандиран пенополистирол, на който от двете страни са залепени с лепило OSB плоскости

The putting-together houses RichHouse are built with constructively insulting pannels, which are a flatting made of expanded polystyrene, which on the both sides has glued OSB flattings.

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) – wooden flatting with wooden particles arranged longitudinally (100% softwood) in the front layers and arranged transversely in the middle layer. For the manifacturing of the pannels it is used OSB 3(waterproof) which is 12mm thick, 1250mm wide and 2500mm long.


Technical characteristics of OSB 3
Flexural strength: 22 N/mm2
Elasticity: 3500 N/mm2
Strength ripping: 0.32 N/mm2
Swelling after 24 hours: 15%
Density: 640 ±10%

Glue – mono glue without solvent. It is based on polyurethane.

Technical characteristics of the glue
Period bond: 25-35 minutes
Density: 1.15 g/cm3
Viscosity at 20C: 8.000 ± 2.500 mPa/s
Consumption: 150-400 g/m2

Expanded polystyrene EPS – expanded polystyrene with density of 20-25kg/m3 and thermal conductivity λ = 0.033 – 0.035. The thickness of the used plates is 50,100,150 and 200mm. The material is self-extinguishing.

OSB flatting is glued to the expanded polystyrene with polyurethane glue under the pressure of 18-ton press.

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