The brand RichHouse

The brand RichHouse is property of “MKM – BG Group” Ltd. The manufacturing is entrusted to “MKM – product” Ltd.
нискоенергийни къщиThe manufactured base for low energy houses RichHouse was started in the beginning of 2008. It is located in Zimnica Village, region Yambol. Previously trained a group of specialists work there.
In the beginning of 2008 the first test started for the manufacturing of the constructive insolation panels. In the middle of the year the base for low energy houses RichHouse was able to work on its full capacity and the manufacturing of panels for the first low energy houses RichHouse in Bulgaria started.
The capacity of manufacturing is around 30m2 panels per hour. In the base it is manufactured constructive isolation panels for low energy houses with the needed sizes. The goal is to be delivered in the needed place a set of all the required materials ready to be collapsed. At full load it could be cut up to 2 collapsible houses per day.

Advantages of low energy houses RichHouse

The construction of low energy collapsible houses is widely spread in North America and letter in countries from west and central Europe. There are a lot of technologies for installation of low energy houses but there are two that stand out.

  • The first technology is about building a bearing construction of the house from beams and after that it is incased with OSB or plasterboard. In the middle there is a stone wadding or EPS and from the inside there is also OSB or plasterboard. With this technology for building collapsible houses a very good insulation is achieved but the construction is based only on the beams. This has s risk during earthquakes and strong winds.
  • The second kind of technology is building low energy houses from Constructive insulation panels (CIP) which is a plane from Expanded polystyrene on which on the both sides are glued with mono glue two OSB planes under the pressure of 18-tons press. The built panel has a very good insulation properties and an exceptional toughness. It plays the role of bearing construction which supports vertical load of 10 tons and horizontal of 2 tons per square meter.
  • These characteristics enables the houses by the technology RichHouse to be heavy earthquakes and wind proven. This is achieved thanks to the toughness and lightness of the construction.
  • The constructive insulation panels decreases up to 55% the energy loss in the buildings, 35% from the walls and 20% of the roof. The decrease in the expenses for maintenance in a average temperature for living during all of the seasons enables self- payment of the investment of buying the house in a short period of time. It is not without significance in view of the steady increase in the price of energy.

Except the listed advantages, low energy houses RichHouse stand out with:

  • Speed – high peace of construction (around a month for one family two floors collapsible house, 150m2 total area)
  • Low labor intensity – the houses are built without using heavy building technology with a small group of people (4-5 people)
  • Diversity – the technology of the collapsible houses enables to be done complex constructive ideas as well as a big deal of diversity in the choice of materials for finishing works.
  • Longevity – long period of exploitation of the low energy houses and the period is no less than 80 years.
  • Accessibility – low cost price because of the low expenses for the labor, period of building, the uniqueness of the technology (the wall and the beams are the bearing construction) and the lack of extra needed materials for the insulation.
  • Fireproof of the collapsible houses – class of combustibility B, C-s2,d0 (not easy flammable, without melting to drops in fire)

All of this points to the fact that the technology of the low energy houses RichHouse is the future of the dwelling building. Its advantages meet the requirements of the clients for a modern, warm and cozy home at a maximum level.

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