Unique system for building

The system for building RichHouse does not limit the architectural decisions for functionality and visualization. Actually every architecture idea can be realized.

rh-03The level of precision of the development gives completion and contemporary detail. The team of RichHouse develops an architectural look for every building, creating comfortable alignment for the property and the wishes of the client.

The main advantage of the system for building RichHouse is its energy effectiveness, this is the factor which will be main in the near future in determining the price for a built house. The low energy houses from the system RichHouse save from 2 to 3 times more energy in comparison with the common building. Because the price for energy is growing incessantly it is reasonable to search for alternative way to get it.

The technology RichHouse is with high technicality. In controlled factories are manufactured all of the walls, floors and roofs. The accuracy of development is up to 1mm, which is unachievable for common brick building.

Actually the construction on lands is only the collapsing and the finishing works.

rh-04Another advantages of the technology RichHouse are the short period of time for finishing, from 3 to 8 times shorter than the monolith’s. The manufacturing of elements in the factory starts immediately after finishing the technical project for submission to the city’s hall. This could not be done in standard building.

All of the house’s elements are made according to the submitted for approval technical project and are transferred to the land. With issuing the permission for building within 20 days all of the basic works for the put of fundament and the collapsing of the house is done. For the finishing works from 20 to 40 working days are needed according to the quantity.

The system for low energy houses RichHouse gives the opportunity for an active participation of the investor
In the decision making for the basic characteristics of the building. Our managers together with the investor choose the best decision for him.

You can choose:

  • The thickness of the insulation;
  • The type of facade plaster;
  • The windows;
  • All of the finishing works.

Every choice is calculated at the moment to form the final price. This enables the investor to decide which things he really wants and which parameters should be changed. This way a optimal combination between the indicators of your budget is made and the final price which suits you is made.

Another advantage of the system for building RichHouse is that it enables the export of houses with a high quality and a relatively low price for the standards of developed countries in Europe.

The team of engineers and constructors are far better paid than those in Bulgaria.

rh-02Last but not least, the low energy houses RichHouse are eco-friendly. For the construction of one house the materials used are times less than those needed for a monolith building. This is because of the precisions quantity calculations and putting most of the energy in the manufacturing.

The pollution of the environment from daily transporting of materials is emitted. During the exploitation much less energy is used or in other words natural resources. The microclimate in he newly built houses RichHouse is much better – there is a lack of the unhealthy building moisture.

All in all, we would like to say that all of this qualities make the houses RichHouse one good investment.

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