Low energy houses

Low energy houses

Every one of us dreams to have his own house or villa where he can rest and fill himself with positive energy.

The house has always been a priority to the Bulgarian. Coincidentally the maxim “To build a house, to rise a child, to plant a tree.” has always been current and has a deep meaning to us.

When the moment comes to take the next step – to build a new house, in many cases, unfortunately, prices and organization of the building are obstacles.

We from RichHouse offer one very good decision – Low energy wooden house.

This kind of house, traditional for many parts of America, Europa and Asia, is becoming more popular and perspective choice for our market and wins the trust of most Bulgarians.

This kind of building is not inferior to other methods of dwelling building. Of course, it is very important to know that wooden low energy houses RichHouse:

  • Have a strong construction, light and elastic bearing construction;
  • Enable reaching exceptional insulating properties;
  • Allows to do any kind of architecture designs for a building up to three floors;
  • Use the least energy while constructing and exploitation;
  • Constructing in remote, inaccessible and even extreme regions is possible and it is not more expensive;
  • Have low period of manufacturing and installation;
  • Ready to live in immediately after building (because of the lack of wet processes and moisture in the construction).

Maybe the basic motive to people, decided to build their home like wooden low energy houses, is their desire to have “the most for the lowest price”

Truly, in the contemporary commercial world what we get for our money always seems low. Comparing the prices in the building with wooden elements and building with reinforced concrete and masonry usually holds a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies.

When we talk about low energy houses RichHouse almost always there is a case of one or two family building and now the offered reinforced concrete and masonry dwelling buildings at their biggest part are in general dwelling buildings with 20, 30 and more dwelling buildings. Comparing the prices of buildings with similar sizes the first basic mistake – compare the prices of self-built housing (house) with the price of a dwelling house in general housing building (block, cooperation). Naturally, the self –cost of self-built housing (no matter how it is constructed) is higher than the self-cost of similar housing in a general housing building. The second mistake which is made is comparing two of a kind same buildings but with different exploitation parameters.

With wooden low energy houses RichHouse the basic part of the insulation is built in the constructing. The construction is made of wood which is a natural insulation. This leads to lack of bridges and the inability to form condensation and mold inside the house. In other words, paying the basic price for wooden low energy house you receive a house with excellent insulation. To achieve this kind of characteristics to buildings with iron or metal construction it is needed to be put sizeable outside insulation and the goal is to insulate properly all of the constructive elements from the environment, to be made inside insulation of all elements of the constructive which are concreted into the fundament. Despite all of this extra work, which are not usually done in full capacity and not included in the basic price, it is practically not possible to eliminate all bridges in one monolith building. This leads to elements with lower temperature inside the building and it is prerequisite for condensation and mold.

This is why it is needed while comparing prices to include expenses for extra insulation for monolith buildings so they could reach the insulating characteristics of wooded low energy houses.

It must be pointed that despite the extra insulation which is done to newly built monolith buildings they are from two to five times less insulated than wooden low energy houses.

Not to neglect the fact that with wooden low energy houses RichHouse with equally built area they receive from 5 to 8% more useable dwelling area. This is thanks to the thicker but better insulated walls.

The materials used for building wooden low energy houses RichHouse are more expensive than the materials used in monolith buildings.

The expenses for labor, transportation, mechanization and other extra expenses are less with wooden low energy houses.

Wooden low energy houses RichHouse usually are done from two to three months after ordering. With monolith buildings usually this period is far longer. Of course, the construction of buildings can be done in shorter periods but because of the quantity of water in the concrete, masonry, plasters, which can be from a few tones to dozens of tones, it is needed time so that the construction can dry before doing insulation and finishing work. This period it is usually one summer season. Unfortunately, things are not done in the required period and this leads to compromising all finishing work and to bad environment for living in the first years.

The last factor which must be indicated while comparing prices is the size of the expenses for exploitation of the building. Naturally, the better insulated building has lower expenses for conditioning during years and the expenses for heating and cooling are basic in expenses for exploitation for one housing.

In conclusion we can say that if you choose your home to be low energy house RichHouse for less you will receive more.

This is really a strong motivation for a lot of people chosen low energy house for their home.

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