Development in agricultural lands

According to article 2 from Regulation 2 for the development in agricultural lands it is allowed to develop in agricultural lands WITHOUT being necessary to change their purpose in the following cases:

  • For lands under 10 acres – one-storeyed industrial building less then 35m2.
  • For lands more than 10 acres industrial or dwelling buildings compliance with the agricultural activity, for which the land serves a purpose, whose developed area must not be over 1.5% of the land’s area.

According to article 15 and 16 from the latter regulation, development in agricultural lands is allowed after issuing a development permit, which is based on the approved designs from the head architect for the relevant municipality.

Recently, in a lot of websites and from a lot of unqualified people it is said that collapsible houses are with a light structure and are not permanently attached to the field and/or are temporary and moveable building thus for them it is nor necessary to have a development permit. This is absolutely not the truth.

According to the Law on spatial planning buildings are categorized as it follows:

  • With a permanent status
  • Temporary buildings
  • Moveable buildings

The first kind are allowed by the general order.
The second kind are allowed and permitted by the law of article 49-55 from ZYT and for them it is also required to have issued design documentation and a development permit and for the moveable buildings it is issued a permit for placement by article 56 paragraph 2 from ZYT.

The moveable buildings with a clear purpose according to article 56 paragraph 1 from ZYT: “ kiosks, cabins, tables and other elements from the street furniture (stops of the public transport, benches, lighting, containers for waste collection, fountains, clocks and others)”. Under no circumstance it is allowed by the same law to develop dwelling buildings or any kind of buildings for permanent residence. For the former buildings it is also needed to be issued a project documentation to ensure safety for the citizens who pass UNDER, TROUGH or NEAR moveable buildings.

For the building or the electrical installation it is also required to have a project for the installation again to serve the purpose of protection.

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