Awarded eco house costs under £ 15 per year

4 January, 2016 | Share: |

Is it possible to construct an eco house, nature friendly and having a minimal effect on the environment, at a reasonable price? The answer to this question is a real building in West Kirby, northwest England created by Colin Usher, director of John McCall Architects. His wife had only one requirement – a lot of light. He proved to her, himself and all infidels that the mission passive house at affordable price is feasible.
In the building of the property are used the German principles of passive house. The orientation is optimal to maximize the use of solar energy (which is not generally plentiful in this part of the world). Insulation is very good and the glazing – triple. Combined are old, proven and tested construction methods with modern technologies for heating and ventilation. The result is a home with incredibly low running costs. According to the architects, it surpasses four times the expectations of a standard passive building.

After two years, the house repeatedly exceeded what expected – besides for its high purely aesthetic qualities, the cost of heating, lighting, hot water and cooking are less than 15 pounds per year.
Winner of the Buildings & Energy Efficiency Award.
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