The big journey of the small house

28 September, 2015 | Share: |

Home is where the heart is. Why not be always with us? Wondered a young US couple and ended with … home-on-wheels. They left their jobs in Los Angeles, CA and followed their dreams. Today, he and she are traveling photographer and writer. Their home is always with them. And is a bit smaller than 12 square meters! It has all the amenities needed and is cozy and very well thought out. It has its own portable solar system, as well as wood-burning stove and a projector and big screen for home cinema!

He and she toured over 20 US states and Canadian provinces! They work online, traveling from place to place. The income ensure his travelogues, her photos and their popular You Tube channel! Maybe it’s true what they say – there are no limits for people with dreams.

However, if you’re from the once preferring solid ground under their feet, then do not stop dreaming. Because with our help all dreams of your wanna-have-home become a reality. How? Find out here..


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