Three golden medals of the Plovdiv fair 2011

29 September, 2011 | Share: |

МКМ Продукт печели 3 златни медала от Пловдивски панаир 2011 за Сглобяеми Къщи

МКМ продукт получи три златни медала за технологията RichHouse за производство на сглобяеми къщи акумулатори и за най-новия модел, произведен по нея.

“MKM product” received thee golden medals for its technology RichHouse for manufacturing houses-batteries and for the newest model manufactured according to it. They were a sensation and even on the first day of fall 2011 the firm had three contracts with a total of 185 million euro with a partnership with Russia.

“For five years we have worked to develop this product and there is not a second like it. We wish contracts like to this to become a tradition and to ne contracted in the `Plovdiv fair”, said the president of the group companies MKM Mihail Mihov.