Decking tiles of acacia


Acacia has a golden color which gives an elegant look to the exterior products made of this wood. It is rich of natural oil which makes it resistant to moisture, insects and it is applicable to any kind of exterior installation. It has the unique characteristics not to rot and not to accumulate born when metal connections are used for the installation.

Advantages of this kind of flooring:
Decking tiles Open dwelling land can easily be covered with decking plates without using nails, glue or hammer. The installation is easy and quick thanks to a click system. For a few hours can be covered with massive wood balconies, patios, trails in the garden, land around the pool. For interior usage: flooring for garages, basements, bathrooms.

Important! – Very easily deckling tiles can be installed and uninstalled on a new place.

  • Made of head-threated, quality dried, exceptionally long lasting and though hardwood – acacia;
  • Resistant to mold, fungus, mushrooms, termites and rotting;
  • The wooden battens are ordered and fastened with stainless steel screws to the plastic pad with click system for a easy installation;
  • Easy uninstallation, reordering and new installation;
  • The order of the decking plates gives the opportunity for different designs;
  • The space between the wooden battens makes it possible for the water to drain and the plastic pad lifts the battens and enables the wood to breathe.
  • Size of the decking battens: 3- x 30 sm /it can be done in a different size /