The system siding is the perfect imitation for wooden facades, originating from the USA and Canada. With the years passing siding is becoming more and more popular and it is used for designing contemporary buildings and dwelling complexes. This product enables covering every outdoor surfaces on all kinds of buildings –non-plastered, masonry, wooden, plastered.


Fasade covering surfs its purpose perfectly for dwelling buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings. The wide range of colors and the wooden structure of the panels has a good impact for the aesthetics of the fasade. Not the big weight and the easy transportation enables covering the fasade with siding at any time of the year with the help with basic instruments even doing it alone.

Siding is not toxic and not flammable material, resistant to adverse weather conditions, biological factors and most chemicals. It gives efficient insulation to buildings and ventilation to fasade. The complex gamma of finishing battens makes the installation easier and quicker.

The system siding is far cheaper from other kinds of facades and thanks to its big durability and its easy maintenance enables omitting problems and expensive repairs. Siding comes with single and double bend. The material is suitable for cleaning with water under pressure and detergents.