Moveable structure from PVC membrane


Advantages of moveable structure from PVC membrane:

  • Short construction period – For installation of the structure it is not needed to have fundament and extra preparing for the site.
  • Mobility – easy to disassemble and move to a new place;
  • Any organization of entrances and exits – With constructing type tent there can be put as much doors as you want;
  • Easy maintenance and repair – In case of a damage in the corpus the design stills has the same form thanks to the metal frame.

Exceptional endurance rom PVC membrane:

  • Period for exploitation not less then 25 years and using brighter colors reduces the temperature of the surface and this way the aging of the membrane is slowed down;
  • Easy adaptation of the material to any kind of roof and construction;
  • Finds appliance for new roofs as well as for reconstruction of building – any type of foundation from concrete, metal, wood which can be planes, sloping or with vault.;
  • Possible to install in all conditions (snow, rain, freezing temperatures);
  • Fire safety during the installation (burners aren’t used during the installation);
  • Fire resistant during exploitation (the material is self-extinguishing);
  • Non-slippery surface which makes the work and exploitation of the material more save;
  • Extremely strong and elastic material;
  • Extremely strong and tough joints which form during gluing the material;
  • Really high exploitation properties – resistance in low temperature and high temperaturesи;
  • Possible to recycle the material;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Extremely light (1,4kg/m2) and easy to work with, doesn’t strain the roof system.

The PVC Membrane has three basic components which together create one tough, strong and homogeneous material:

  • The front layer is made of high quality PVC mixture which provides UV protection and non-slippery effect. The special extras make the material resistant to high and low temperatures and self-extinguishing in case of a fire;
  • The middle layer is made of special polyester web which guarantee high strength and stability;
  • The lower layer is made of PVC mixture and it is colored in grey.

Appliance of moveable structures from PVC membranes.

Collapsible sheds – that structure has two components: metal construction and PVC covering. The advantage of this kind of shed is that it is not needed fundament it is enough to built concrete steps. The collapsible sheds are built in a short period of time and can be dissembled, if necessary, and transported to new places. The PVC membrane is elastic and it doesn’t allow tearing. The bright color stops the room from heating and the breathability doesn’t allow moisture retention.

The moveable sheds can be used as stores for keeping grain hay and other agricultural products. The construction is strong and it keeps the production safe from weather conditions.

Their appliance is endless – they are effectively used in livestock breeding as well as structures for repairing of agricultural technology (tractors and harvesters and other).

сглобяеми хангари

In the construction with PVC membrane can be placed a whole sport complex or built individual sheds for different kinds of sports such as tennis, football, volleyball and other. They can be used for shelter for football fields. Under the shed it can be placed swimming pools, jogging alleys and even playgrounds for paintball. Furthermore, the collapsible sheds are popular amongst clubs for aircraft.

PVC membrane

Another appliance of the PVC membrane is the reconstruction and repairing of old halls, warehouses, stores and other.

In the construction with tin there is a problem with the corrosion of the metal covering and leakages from the roof construction. The solution is overlapping the roof with PVC membrane which is attached to the old covering.

The usage of PVC membrane allows repairing of structures with minimal funding, short period of time and engineering expenses.

Five advantages of using OVC membrane for reconstruction and repairing:

  1. The price of PVC membrane is twofold less than overlapping with tin
  2. Quick installation
  3. The lifelong of the PVC membrane is more than 10 years
  4. It is not needed to remove the old construction
  5. The repairing can be done in any time of the year.

The reconstruction and repairing of structures with the help of PVC membrane will gibe an esthetic look and safety for your shed from any kind of weather conditions.

PVC membrane

PVC membrane

PVC membrane

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