8×8 Centaur 954DT


The CENTAUR 8×8 is engineered to be a reliable partner in the toughest conditions imaginable, going through deep mud and over rocks, snow, and ice.

With a total load capacity of 680 kg. on land, the CENTAUR transports a crew of two plus all the necessary supplies to remote job locations.

The CENTAUR is not fully amphibious, but can cross water and flooded areas with a fording depth of 66cm and its sealed lower body protects people and equipment when extreme terrain performance is required. The CENTAUR has an adaptable rear platform for the mounting of specialized equipment or as mid-vehicle hitching points. It is an all season workhorse performing when other vehicles can’t get the job done.


размери всъдеход 8x8 Centaur 954DT