Aluminum patio umbrellas series “Alfa Side Pole parasols” F350


Price: 864 lv.

  • Construction – Luxury aluminum type “Alfa Side Pole”, with self-lifting mechanism.
  • Material: AlMgSi 0.7, powder coated in white, UV protection;
  • Plastic parts: ABS, Polycarbonate (white)
  • For umbrellas with dimensions 350 × 350 cm

Алуминиеви чадъри

Description of the textile body “Alfa Side Pole parasols”:

  • Material: 100% PES (polyester silk) 190/250 gr. / per square meter
  • Type of treatment: Water repellent treatment type Scotchguard
  • Pigmented print with light resistance from 6 to 7 points (maximum of 8) in accordance with ISO EN 105-B04
Size of the dome in cm. Ø350
Price 864 lv.
Number of spokes 8
Size of the spokes 15 х 30
Stem (pole) (mm.) Ø 80
H1 (cm.) 316
H2 (см.) 300
H3 (см.) 200
H4 (см.) 80

Alfa Side Pole Ф350 beige

Alfa Side Pole Ф350 green

Alfa Side Pole Ф350 blue

Bases for umbrella for Aluminum Umbrellas series “Alfa Side Pole parasols” 350×350

Stainless steel base Ø 80 for anchoring with 6 bolts

Price: 559 lv.


Stainless steel base Ø 80 for anchoring with 4 bolts

Price: 319 lv.


Steel base Ø 80, for 12 concrete tiles with measures 40×40 cm. (Tiles included)

Price: 169 lv.