Constructing until key

Finishing steps – Constructing until key

1. Inside finishing step.

1.1 Interior walls

The base for calculating the needed quantities of materials for walls is the area, which is explained in the project documentation:

  • OSB 100mm
  • Heat insulation 10sm
  • OSB 100mm
  • Plasterboard 1,25sm per construction
  • Plaster and latex paint
  • Faience tiles for walls and kitchen

In the bathrooms OSB is processed with heat insulation cement-polymer plaster and on the construction over it PVC gills are installed.

1.2 Callings.

On a wooden grate from up to down are installed:

  • Wooden door 5sm
  • A specific type of fail
  • Plasterboard 0,95sm
  • Plaster
  • Latex paint

1.3 Interior floors

The base for calculating the needed quantities of flooring/parquet for rooms and hall, and the tile for laundry rooms/ is the area in the project documentation.

Parquet-material needed from down to up:

  • Fiber
  • Membrane under the parquet
  • Laminated parquet

The tile-materials needed from down to up:

  • Cement-polymer glue
  • Tiles
  • Grout

1.4 Inside stairs

The inside stairs are made of massive wood and it has a place for installation, made with metal plates and screw. After the installation they are painted with colorless polish.

1.5 Inside doors

MDF doors –installed in the inside walls. The doors have standard sills, hardware and locks.

1.6 Electric installation

The electric cables are put into cable channels, which are installed into the walls between the plasterboard and the panel. The switchboard, the extension boxes and the console boxes are installed in the places by the project, consulted with the client. The whole installation is fully equipped with keys, boilers, lamps and contacts. A built thunder – protection installation according to the rules.


1.7 Water-supply system.

The water-supply pipe for hot and cold water is made of Polypropylene – non-carousal material consistent with the food safety. The canalization pipes are made of PVC. The whole water-supply system is inside the walls by project with the plasterboard and the panels. The whole system is fully equipped with batteries, sinks. toilet seats and showers.

2. Exterior

2.1 Fasade

All of “Rich House” houses are finished with fasade rendering for outdoor walls on the ground floor and the upper floor. The corners are finished with the help of special corner with web, and the case is with the joints between the walls and the panels.

2.2 Outdoor walls

The walls on the ground floor with fasade rendering, layers from out to inside:

  • Polymer plaster
  • Fiberglass web 145gr/m2 with cement plaster with fiber
  • EPS flats for façade insulation which is 5sm thick
  • Polyurethane glue + dowels
  • Cement-polymer plaster
  • OSB 100mm
  • Heat insulation 10sm
  • OSB 100mm
  • Membrane
  • Plasterboard 1,25sm

2.3 Exterior grounds

Exterior grounds on the stairs of the porch are installed with granite, glued with fundaments with cement polymer glue, and further in the process the joints are processed with grout.

2.4 4 Windows

Five-cameras PVC windows “Classic” with a double glass package, relevant to EN 673 and coefficient U=1,1 W/m2k, installed in the exterior walls. The windows are equipped with standard opening and exterior shutters. For all windows (without balcony doors and the windows in the bathroom and toilet) are provided interior window sills.

2.5 5 Roof

  • Sloped roof – construction from up to down:
  • Shingles
  • Waterproof foil
  • OSB 2-15
  • Front boards
  • Roof drainage with PVC gutters
  • Ribs for wooden roof construction

The wood is in sizes with consistence with the construction regulations of the project, consisted with the building regulations in Bulgaria.

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