The beginning of construction

The needed documentation is regulated by the “Law of spatial planning”. We are not going into details but we are going to describe shortly and clearly what are the needed documents for starting a construction.

  1. Deed on the land – to start any kind of activities related with the construction it is needed to cover the property od the land, on which the construction is going to take place. If the land is not your property it is required to have document for the right of construction.
  2. Sketch of an immovable property by the district cadaster office – the issuing of this documents takes from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the kind of the order (normal, fast or express).
  3. Visa for construction – this is a copy (part) from the detailed development plan, issued from the chief architect of the relevant municipality (or region) with ranging the land property and the neighborhood lands, with the marked available buildings and structures in it and in the neighborhood lands and with construction lines and permitted heights, density and intensity of development and other requirement, if any, and tolerances.
  4. Preliminary contract with the electricity and water company to obtain baseline data for future building. This document permits the connection of your future house to the existing electrical and plumbing system.
  5. Geodetic surveying of the land which forms the basis of the design of the building. The procedure is done on the land and it is needed a sketch of the land. The lasting of the geodetic surveying is from one to two weeks.
  6. Preparation of project documentation – it is prerequisite to present architectural design of the project with the characteristics of the soil, projects of the inner installations, including and electrical installations, as well as tracing plan and landscaping of the site. Every part of the project must have explanatory notes. The approval of the design is made by the chief architect of the relevant municipality.

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