Amber music space Liepaja, Latvia

16 November, 2015 | Share: |

Latvia – land full of cultural diversity and history. Beautiful temples of different religions coexist peacefully, each bearing on its own way comfort and aesthetics to the people. On the Baltic coast, in the picturesque town of Liepaja, a new building raised form, merged with its surroundings, but somehow loomed too. People recognized it as part of the landscape, in copper colors, attractive, bright but calm, causing quiet smiles and humility. Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the Baltic states, has a new home.

First was an international competition. Печели го проф. Its winner was Professor Volker Giencke with his beautiful design, both traditional and modern, noisy and clean, colorful but unobtrusive. Liepaja already has its Giant Amber concert hall. Under this name know it all inhabitants of the third largest city in Latvia, due to the entirely glass facade of the cylindrical building, glowing in this nuance.

The building with an area 16.523 m2 is 30 m high and is a space for culture and relaxation. The main concert hall is with 1,000 seats. The smaller, chamber hall is for 154 guests. Welcome here for performances and quality culture are all artists. There is also a space for ballet or music school, an experimental stage, rehearsal rooms, music club and restaurants.
The amber glass facade allows a soft, warm light to brighten the interior. The shades of the upholstery of the seats are changing depending on the light that bathes them. Ambience is superb.


Wonderful place, for a teacher and student, artist and fans, music and open minds to meet. Great Amber Concert Hall, the amber jewel of Liepaja has to find its counterpart in every city, a center of culture and artistry. Let’s create conditions for talent to develop and the eager to draw from the well.

If you are a fan of architectural marvels and masterpieces, if you’ve always wanted a castle, house of Hansel and Gretel, a mountain hut, bathed in amber light house or something completely traditional, contact us. We will create together.