For rocking chair and homemade lemonade

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rocking_chairLovely house, peeking behind the greenery, at the front – its owner. In a rocking chair. Looking to the sky and dreaming or reading a book. Why not with a glass of cold homemade lemonade in hand? Do you want to be on his place? I surely do. A lot.

Let us start with some information about the rocking chair, and then we will look more, well, close to the cold homemade lemonade.

Rocking and cradling is associated with maternal endearment, soothing the senses, and better sleep. In this vein, the rocking chair is a good choice for anyone living in our hectic interesting times.
The idea of it probably came as a logical continuation of baby cribs and rocking horses with similar bottom part. Early models were ordinary chairs with subsequently added arcs of wood or rattan.

retro_roocking_chairFor creator of this wonderful invention, some historians state Benjamin Franklin, but actually, this happened before his time. “Rocking chair” appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1787, as some studies show it has taken its place in the gardens of the citizens of America sometime in the early 18th century (around 1710). Probably at the same time, the rocking chair became popular in England. A model of made in 1630 chair is preserved, as to its legs were mounted wooden arches around 1710.

Later Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian designer and furniture manufacturer began experimenting with glued and bent wooden slats. He has been through a number of difficulties, but finally achieved success forming wood in hot steam with result beautiful shapes. Over time, his furniture (Thonet) gained huge popularity, many awards and become a symbol of class. The largest collection of Thonet chairs is displayed in the Museum of Applied Arts MAK in Vienna. In 1860, the master of curved wood created the classic rocking chair with typical base-swing.

rocking_chair_21920 Popularity on the old continent and overseas, gained the folding rocking chair you can take with you while traveling.
1950 On the scene steps the proven as extremely durable, rocking chair with a luxurious vision of the American carpenter and furniture designer Sam Maloof. Its integral part have been ski-shaped arcs helping the chair rock.
1955 Thanks to John F. Kennedy, American company for making rocking chairs became extremely popular, as one of them relieved the chronic pain in his back. The US President liked this rocking chair so much, he took him aboard Air Force One and traveled with it across the country and around the world. He gave it as present to friends, relatives and heads of state. Today the rocking chair used in the White House by the 35th US President, is displayed in the named after him – John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library and Museum.

The special place of the rocking chair in the hearts and homes of the inhabitants of the American South is glorified by Harper Lee and Tennessee Williams.

лимонадаOver the years, the rocker changed its vision – from an ordinary chair with added arches, through a specially made, sometimes upholstered for comfort, with different, detailed design, in a beautiful but functional and comfortable part of the interior. It will look good in your yard too, right? If you still do not have the house of your dreams, welcome.

We promised something for the homemade lemonade that matches the rocking chair in the American South. Here is how to get it prepared based on authentic old recipe:
The secret of the perfect lemonade is … sugar syrup!

To prepare it you need:

  • 1 cup granulated sugar (can be reduced to ¾ cup)
  • 1 cup water

The mixture should boil 5 minutes in a medium-sized saucepan. Do not stir. Remove from heat and let cool. (You can leave in the refrigerator for later use) Making lemonade with sugar syrup allows avoiding the fall of the sugar at the bottom.

It is time to take the largest pitcher out the cupboard.
Fill it with fresh lemon juice made from 6 freshly-squeezed lemons.
Add 4 cups cold water. Garnish with 1 sliced lemon.
Add ice cubes and the sugar syrup. Mix well. Try.
If necessary, add more water. Serve in tall glasses with ice.

Note: To prevent your ice from watering down your lemonade as it melts, freeze some lemonade in your ice trays and use the ice-lemonade-cubes to keep your drinks cold.

Voila! Ready to relax in the garden!