ARCA shelter House amidst the Brazilian rainforest

12 November, 2015 | Share: |

Brazil, on the border of the national park Serra da Bocaina, 10 km from the neat historical colonial city of Paraty, near the nestling in the jungle waterfall Pereque, appeared an unusual building. Local decided to name it ARCA, because it resembled the Ark of Noah.

The strange, unusual design is the creation of imagination and constructive sweep of Atelier Marko Brajović and is designed as a sustainable building with minimal impact on the environment.


It is conceived as a place where overloaded by the urban buzz people can retreat to nature, on a place very quiet, but interesting for their children too. A place where they can work peacefully surrounded by nature, with inspiration all around.

The walls and ceiling are actually curved, shell-like structure with arch-like shape. It is made of separate elements made of carbon steel, aluminum and zinc, which are assembled on site in less than a week. If necessary, they can be dismantled and moved to another location. The construction rises on concrete pillars.

The dimensions of ARCA are length 12, width 10.5, height 5.8 meters and size of 130 sq.m.
The interior is paneled with eucalyptus with a thickness of only 3 cm, as the outer structure is sufficiently strong and stable.

The need for energy of ARCA is minimal. The special coating of the entire structure reflects the sun’s rays, and the raised on columns construction allows air to circulate underneath the building cooling it. Wind turbines located on the roof lead out the hot air from inside.

The building can easily accommodate a family with children. It has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. If you need more space, the beds in both bedrooms are easily transformed into sofas. The living room, part of which are the kitchen and the dining area is a large open space, bathed in light. Plenty of space allows conducting various workshops and training events.
The proximity of the waterfall makes the place even more attractive and exotic. To study, work or simply relax step away from civilization but immersed in silence, living nature and spectacular views – what better can you give to your family and your senses?

If you have the idea for something similar, we are here for you. We think, draw, dream, create, improve and are always open to the new. House, home, building – whatever, from the idea to its perfect completion, you will find with us.