How to build a garden pond?

10 August, 2015 | Share: |

да си направим езерцеTo build a pond in the garden is not as complicated as it seems. It can be done in a week, without any professional help!

How to build yourself a pond and maintain it almost without any effort, read on:

Step One: Mark with paint, chalk or a piece of spare garden hose the size (form) you want for your pond. Decide whether you want decorative pond or water garden with live plants and fish. Keep in mind that water garden requires greater depth and of course, more maintenance.

Step two: The shape is selected, marked and the time for the real work has come – start digging! Whatever depth you choose, when digging the pond try to keep the outside walls as vertical as possible. This will facilitate the hiding of the hydro insulation material at a later stage. Check the soil at the bottom for stones, sticks and other objects that tend to make holes. It is better to put a basis of, for example newspapers, old carpet or sand.

Step three: Obtain our special material for ponds. Multiply the depth of the lake x 2 + the length + 5 cm = how long piece you will need; Lake depth x 2 + width + 5 cm = how wide the piece has to be. The additional 5 cm are for fitting and cut of the surplus.

да си направим езерцеPlace the material for ponds in the hole and spread it good to fit the bottom and sidewalls. Fill halfway with water and leave a few hours or overnight for the soil at the bottom to settle. Trim the edges of the material covering the pond, so that the part showing over the edges is circa 10 cm. Beware, better cut too little than too much. If you are going to add a fountain pump, do it now.

Step Four: Now is the time to hide the edges of the material that covered the pond, with decorative river stones or whatever suitable material you have in mind. Place the fountain pump, if necessary on brick to achieve an appropriate height. Make sure there is power supply for it, if not consider solar pump.

Tip: The pond is the perfect jewel for every garden. Fortunately, you can do it yourself without signing in unnecessary costs. On site, you can find perfect high quality material , perfect high quality material.

Step five: Add plants and other appropriate beauty around the pond, to make it more beautiful and attractive place for the family and guests. Make sure to have a nearby seat, hang birdhouses on the surrounding trees and the oasis in your garden is ready!

If you decide, you can always add in the pond water lilies and goldfish, turtles too. If they are provided good conditions, they will gladly make your pond their home.