The living root bridges of India

27 November, 2015 | Share: |

February 2015. A man is lost across the state Meghalaya, India. Absorbed entirely by local wonders, he seamlessly adapts – in Darwin – “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
He already bears the physical, mental, linguistic skills to survive and fit into the local environment. For a month, he wanders through the wild Indian state, consumed by the living architecture of the root bridges. These unusual breathing structures are created by the locals. The young roots of Indian rubber tree are intertwined while still flexible, in search of useful structures – bridges and ladders.
Some of these extraordinary facilities are known to the tourists and thus attract interest, more tourists and cash flows. The vast majority of them, however, are hidden, poorly maintained and in danger of extinction due to various reasons – pollution of nature or displacement of more modern and standard iron bridges.
On a mission to rescue the living bridges of India, embarks the already adapted and in love with them, Patrick Rogers – once lost, he has already discovered his mission. His desire is through the platform for fundraising to raise $ 7,500 with which to start a trip in search of the living facilities. To index, measure, photograph maximum number of them and upload the data on the Internet with two objectives – to popularize them and thus draw revenue for local and to contribute to their preservation over time. However, these 45-meter trees, more than 500 years old, are something alive and incredibly beautiful.
The bridges formed by their roots, are like created by George Martin and directed by Peter Jackson, Elvish constructions. “Let’s not lose another miracle of nature” – Patrick says. I do agree with him.
A bit on the platforms for funds accumulation as,, and many others: they are based on the so-called crowdfunding – raising money from many people. Anyone can upload a project and if people decide, they may finance it with a chosen amount of money. If within the specified by the creator of the project time, the sum stated when starting the project is accumulated, it is considered that the idea is good and funds are allocated. However, if the project does not find enough supporters, the money is returned to the sponsors.
The roots are very important. Let’s preserve not only the Indian breathing root bridges, but also to create our own roots. The main is our home. Yours discover or create with us. Houses, projects, materials, professionals.