On the greenhouse

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The greenhouseis a true helper in the garden. It is a structure with transparent (light transmission) roof and walls, in which with the help of the greenhouse effect are grown plants that require certain climatic conditions to ensure proper growth. In the greenhouse, exposed to sunlight, the temperature is much higher than the external one. Thus, in cold weather, the plants in the greenhouse are protected from frost.

Often, technologies are used to optimize the production. This includes controlled lighting, heating, cooling. Support for optimization of internal temperature and humidity comes too from different combinations of ventilation and cooling systems. Various irrigation installations are used too.

The dimensions of the greenhouses are varying from very small to giant structures. Small greenhouses are commonly called hobby greenhouses, as the large ones – business or industrial.

Standard materials used to produce a greenhouse are steel and glass; steel and polycarbonate; steel and polyethylene.

The quality of materials is very important for a solid construction, in order to protect the plants from the vagaries of weather.

In accordance with the above principles for quality, durability and maximum efficiency, we’ve chosen for you:

Hobby greenhouses – Four seasons 3x4m or 3x6m or 3x6m ;

They are one of the most successful decisions for the organization of the structure for growing plants.

Russian greenhouses “Kin,” adapted for the harsh weather conditions in Russia:

Greenhouses KIN PREMIUM

Greenhouses KIN LUXURY

American Greenhouse-in-a-Box by ShelterLogic with frame construction and translucent cover3 х 6.1 х 2.4m, 3 х 3 х 2.4m, tunnel dome shaped greenhouse 3 х 6 х 2,4m
Designed by US engineers as a finished technology product. The greenhouses scheme provides for easy assembly and manual installation by the client. All details of the greenhouse: frame, cover, fasteners are fitting in a single box. Greenhouse is easily delivered, installed, and if necessary moved. To install the greenhouse there is no need of foundation, but it is fastened with screw anchors that are included. The greenhouse is designed for long operation and has 10 years guarantee.

We offer industrial greenhouses on Euro programs with construction of tunnel and modular type. They can be made from an open C-profile or electric-welded pipes.