The winning formula of the different

26 August, 2015 | Share: |

The decline of transparent PVC foil for outdoor use

We live in a time when design is practically unlimited concept, closed, for now, in a limited range of materials. For their business all choose different, convenient or not, logos, materials, colors …

Being different is a privilege. Strategy. Advantage.

How to distinguish in the sea of colorful uniform suggestions?

In the times of the full smoking ban law, owners of cafes and bars, were forced to improvise, in order not to lose great part of their clientele. This led to the widespread use of the traditional transparent PVC film to provide premises for the fans of balmy tobacco. What we offer is a difference – we offer you branding. Why limit yourself to standard impersonal design when for us there are no borders?
Use your imagination, dream on and come to us. The 3D windproof curtains make dreams come true. We’ll be there for you at every step – clarifying your idea, design, installation. Stand out from the crowd! Give depth to your business! Let your clients notice you today.
We can help in other projects of a similar nature – construction of canopies and sunshades with individual design with our special 3D film for awnings and other water- and windproof structures, for example garden tents and pavilions. You want an invisible sunshade that does not spoil the facade of a building, but fits perfect in? We are here for you!
If you have questions about the qualities of the 3D film for windproof curtains, let us assure you that everything is on the highest level possible:
3D film for windproof curtains is a product of Ruvitex JSC – Bulgarian company on a global level, with a long tradition in the production of bituminous waterproofing systems, PVC foils, tiles, insulation … We are not afraid to invest in new solutions. In order to offer you the best.
Distinguish today, with the 3D film for windproof curtains!
Guarantee for identification of your business on the background of transparent competition.