Metal fence


Metal fence, which contain already put sections, which are easy to build and are put together at the needed place or without unnecessary problems. Having a outstanding exterior, those kind of fences are a sure partition and their price is absolutely affordable.

We offer to your attention the following metal fences:

Type Height Length Material
Ekonom 1300 2000 Profile tube
Roksolana 1500 2000 Profile tube
Ovidii 1500 2000 Profile tube

metal fenceThe metal fence is made of profile pipes and sections, which are made of welded vertical and horizontal pipes with different measurements.

For cutting the pipes in the manufacturing it is used precision rotary cutting machines with CPU , after that the pipe is moved to a workshop for die, in which part of the pipes is died as spade. Later the templates are transferred in the welding workshop, where all of the elements are welded in the general construction with the help of Panasonic robots. Thanks to this the derived products are extremely precision and the died seams – high quality. The ready products are primed in black in a painting chamber or are cover with powder paint.

For the installation of the sectional fence it is needed underpinnings.

They could be from metal profile pipes, concrete pillars, brick columns. During the installation the section are attached by bolting and corner mounting plate to the underpinning. It is possible instead of bolting mounting and welding the product (according to the client). After finishing the installation it is required the sections to be died in colors picked by You.

Metal fences – worthy modern alternative of the more expensive kinds of fences. Similar fence is distinguished by reliability, low price and also a beautiful and solid look.