Building foundation

In prefabricated houses it is built a so called skipjack foundation, which is categorized to the flat foundations. Firstly, the lines of the house are drew, then the strips are dug where the interior and the exterior walls would be.

etape_enThe depth of digging depends on the bearing capacity of the ground. The bearing capacity of the soil is determined by geological analysis. Generally, the digging is done until reaching the point of freezing which is around 60sm and the width of the strip is around 35-40sm. After digging the strips the formwork is installed, reinforcement is applied. It follows gravel pack, applying final reinforcement and pouring concrete. It is obliged the foundation to be perfectly leveled.

The commonly asked question about foundation is how much does it cost the zero cycle. We are going to point that with assembling houses the prize of foundation is considerably lower than the one of monolithic structure. This fact is based on the low weight of the house, which does not require deep digging for the foundation thus less materials are used and the expenses for labor are considerably lower.

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